Experience the IoT Evolution in Kuwait's Future Smart Buildings

Honeywell Symposium
September 5, 2018
Radisson Blu, Kuwait

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Transforming to the digital era

The digital transformation is driving an increasingly connected world. George outlines just how far this connected revolution has taken us and what's next with this evolution. 



Industry Insights session: Achieving Kuwait Vision 2035 and the role of digital technology in creating safe, secure and sustainable living environments

The Kuwait National Development Plan (or New Kuwait Plan) under the Kuwait Vision 2035 has highlighted Living Environment as one of the seven strategic pillars that the country aims to focus on. Under this pillar, the Plan aims to ‘Ensure the availability of living accommodation through environmentally sound resources and tactics.’ Smart buildings that are enabled by IoT play a key role in ensuring energy efficiency and sustainability in the buildings and communities of the future. This panel will discuss the challenges that Kuwait faces as it strives to achieve the goals of establishing safe, secure and sustainable working areas in the country, how smart building technology solutions can support the goals and how business leaders can adopt and incorporate these technologies.



Breakaway session on Connected Airports

With airports around the world looking to improve operations, efficiencies and safety, during this workshop attendees will learn how Honeywell NAVITAS is utilizing IoT technoligies to drive operational improvements